Thursday, 7 May 2015

What's for Dinner: Finding the right dog food.

Okay, I will admit I have a bit of a problem. I obsess over my animals food - nutrition labels are carefully examined, brands are compared, calcium levels checked. I go a little nuts. Mostly it impacts the dog and the horses, but the rabbits and cats aren't immune to my obsession either. Me on the other hand? Bring on the McDonalds.

In her 1 year of life, Maizy has been on three types of food. While that isn't a huge number, you aren't seeing the hours of research I pour into finding the perfect food.

We started on Iams because, well, we got a free bag. While she seemed to do okay on it, there was no way I was feeding her Iams long term - it simply doesn't have the quality my princess requires. (Did I mention I'm insane?)

Then we switched to Go Fit and Free Puppy Food. I have to say I really loved this formula. So why did we switch? Maizy occasionally gets a stinky fish butt, and I suspected she may be allergic to fish. A vet we spoke to said fish did indeed make some dogs stink.

So that lead us to Acana Single Duck and Bartlett Pear. Now let me tell you, when I came across this food the heavens opened up and the angels sang - finding a fish free dog food is NOT easy. So we brought home a bag and Maizy seemed to enjoy it... for a time.

Maizy has never been super interested in her dog food. She would much rather eat well... anything. Literally, this dog will eat anything - pickles, spicy doritos, apples, whatever. You open up a bag of chips and she teleports to your side. Doesn't she know I spend hours slaving away, trying to find her the perfect food?

Sticks, horse poop, bones and
scraps would be Maizy's ideal diet.
PS: Puppy Maizy was tooo cute.

Maizy does eventually eat the Acana food, but it's clear that she could take it or leave it. She definitely does not usually eat the recommended amount most days. That being said, she is at a perfect weight and her body condition is amazing.

I don't think she will ever be the type of dog to wolf down her food, but showing a bit of interest would be nice. Looks like it's back to the drawing board - I'll update when I do find her a new food.

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