Sunday, 27 March 2016

Happy Easter and an Update!

Happy Easter! And in true spirit of the holiday, here is Maizy as the Easter Bunny:

How freaking cute is this?! She is so tolerant.

So what's with the lack of Fit Dog Blog? Well, I broke my wrist again. Same arm, different bones. I also got a pretty nasty concussion. Horses are just fabulous animals - Pony decided he wanted to go out, I got caught up and dragged, pony left the building and I became close personal friends with the door frame. Ouch!

On the dog training front, things have been going well. In January I volunteered as a trainer for the University of Guelph's annual College Royal Dog Show.  The show was last week and my classes absolutely killed it. They weren't perfect but the dogs showed huge improvement. One "my" dogs and his amazing handler were reserve champion for the whole show.

Maizy has been going a bit bonkers with lack of exercise. Apparently 1.5 - 2 hours is not enough, despite Mummy's broken bones and concussion. Over all she has been excellent. We're working on drop on downs and perfecting our heels and finishes. This year I'm hoping to get her out to a few Rally-O competitions. Fingers crossed!

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