Sunday, 26 April 2015

Maizy Turns One!

Saturday was Maizy's birthday! We went to the dog park in the morning and then headed over to the barn for an hour long trail ride. My friend brought Maizy and I cupcakes to celebrate. Maizy was supposed to share her cupcake with my two horses (yes, unhealthy but everything in moderation) but she wolfed the whole thing down in a single bite. She then proceeded to steal my chocolate cupcake - don't worry, she didn't get a chance to ingest it, just to slobber all over it. It was so out of character for her - she is normally very respectful of human food but cupcakes are apparently her weakness! Bad dog. ;)

We then hit the trails with my horse Lilly and were out for about an hour and half. Maizy of course stopped to swim in ever puddles and pond we encountered. She can't go to the barn without getting absolutely filthy.

I have a somewhat different take on canine conditioning and fitness - I'm not really into the "doggy home gym" that seems to be popular these days. Peanuts, balance boards and other things are great, but I think the same effect can be achieved out in the wilderness.

Today Maizy, myself and one of my friends went to two of the waterfalls in Hamilton (Waterfall Capital of the World!) and we hiked down the bottom of Devil's Punch Bowl. The hike is fairly difficult, though not super long. We were there for about an hour and half - up and down steep hills, jumping up and down, climbing up small "cliffs", swimming and more. Definitely a well rounded work out and if I do say so myself, just as good as the doggy gyms.

Swimming at the bottom of Devil's Punch
Bowl,a 37 foot tall waterfall.
After that, we headed to Albion Falls, which is a much nicer hike and an absolutely stunning waterfall.

I couldn't ask for a better hiking partner!
Now Maizy is passed out at my feet. Definitely a good weekend!

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