Monday, 20 April 2015

What a weekend!

Maizy and I had quite the weekend full of adventure. We didn't get to do any hind-end awareness exercises as we were much too busy having fun in the sun!

Friday was one of the first really nice days we've had this year. It was warm, sunny and with just enough of a breeze. Totally picture perfect day! I intended to just stop into the barn quickly to medicate my Horse #2's legs, but of course that turned into a three hour visit! Maizy has only been allowed totally off leash at the barn within the last month or so. I'm very lucky to be able to bring my dog to the barn, but it is a stable not a dog park. Horses and their people get precedence over dogs. Thankfully, Maizy has been very good and mostly stays out of the way. She sticks to me like glue which helps as well.

Anyway, on Friday we ended up doing some "agility" in the indoor arena. And by "agility" I mean Maizy ran around like a lunatic and jumped all the horse jumps that were set up. After that she was positively filthy, so we went down to the pond for a rinse. I'm not sure why I think her going for a swim will make her cleaner - it rinses off the original dirt but then she comes out covered in black pond goop. Blech.

I didn't get any pictures of Friday, but here is puppy Maizy being a swamp dog!

Saturday morning Maizy got her blood taken and then we went to a tack shop to purchase some horsey things - If I'm not shopping for the dog, I'm shopping for the ponies, nevermind the fact that all my jeans have holes! Since she had her blood taken, we kept it light - after coming home for a snooze, we went for an hour long walk around the city. I thought I looked pretty damn good in my summer dress but as we walked past guys... they told Maizy how good she looked, not me. D'oh!

I spent Sunday at the barn cleaning tack, body clipping horses and photographing ponies. Maizy got left at home with my boyfriend as I knew I wouldn't be able to devote a lot of attention to her. When I did get home we went for a 30 minute walk and then she played at the dog park for another 30 minutes. She was pretty tired from Friday and Saturday, so it was good for her to relax Sunday night. She and my boyfriend spent the evening wrestling and then she passed out for the night!

Since I don't have Maizy photos this time, here's a photo of Horse #2. I'm not just into canine fitness, I do the same thing with my horses! Here is Horse #2 at her prime:

Look at all the muscle! 

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