Monday, 1 June 2015

Maizy the Party Animal

On Saturday, we hosted a large baby shower and pig roast for my sister-in-law and my brother. With friends, family and kids there were about 50 people in the house. We have a good sized backyard, perfect for this type of event. However, Saturday's forecast was rain. Lots and lots of rain.

Maizy got groomed on Friday so she could look
stunning for the party.

I was a bit worried about how Maizy would handle the whole thing. I'm not a huge fan of kids so while I do try to social her with people of all types and ages, she doesn't usually spend more than a few minutes with kids. I was absolutely not worried about her biting or anything of the sort, but she is a very... enthusiastic dog and I was worried that she would be a bit too much for the kids to handle.

I was also nervous that she would get overwhelmed. 50 people is a lot of people for one dog to handle and with the rain that meant everyone would be inside.

However, I could not have asked for a better party dog. She was even better behaved than usual and even the 3 year old who was a bit afraid of her at first was yelling "Maizy! Maizy" after not too long. She didn't jump on people, she didn't hand out too many kisses, she did not even think about stealing food. One 2 year old boy was absolutely in love with her and stuffed her full of snacks, all of which she gently took. He even fed her cake off a fork! I made sure she only got a bit of "junk food" in the grand scheme of things, so there were no tummy upsets.

The weather did clear up and the kids were able to go play outside. Maizy had a great time supervising when they were in the sprinkler. I got lots of great pictures, but as they have kids in them, I am loathe to post them. However, here is one shot of Maizy playing with the boy mentioned about, which I will share as his face is covered:

Maizy was stellar with the kids.

I could not have asked for a better dog. She took everything in stride and loved it. Once the last guests were gone, she promptly passed out - entertaining is hard work!

Sunday we were both pretty exhausted from the party. Mother Nature decided that the temperature should drop to about 8 degrees (from high 20's) and that it should rain and rain and rain and rain. When we did venture outside, we didn't stay out for long!

Soaked the bone after a very cold and wet game of fetch.
It was a busy but good weekend - Maizy and I will probably be taking the next few days to recover from the party! 

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