Thursday, 4 June 2015

Splish, Splash, Maizy Won't Take a Bath

Springer Spaniels are known for the love of water. Keeping these dogs out of ponds, lakes and puddles is near impossible. Maizy is no exception to this rule. She absolutely loves to swim and play in the water. 

Maizy and one of the barn dogs, another Springer, make a splash.
Last night was no exception. Maizy and four other dogs, including another Springer, all went swimming in the stream at the barn. It was absolute chaos - wet dogs everywhere, barking, stick throwing. I ended up very wet as well.

So what I don't understand is how my water loving dog absolutely despises taking a bath. Freezing cold water? That's fine with Maizy. A tiny mud puddle? Perfect to lay in. Birds in the water? Jump in after them.

But a clean, warm bath tub? Oh hell no. And of course, because Maizy loves pond swimming, she gets lots of torture baths.

I have tried hosing her down. This causes her to scream like you are cutting off her ears. I've tried having her shower with me, which ends with a wet dog trying to climb into my arms. The bath tub and a container to pour water over her is the best method, but you have to be on guard because she will attempt to escape. The best method is to get her REALLY tired so she has no energy to fight.

Because Maizy loves swimming, but hate baths, I figured a kiddy pool would be a nice compromise. She could lounge in the water on hot days and at least get some of the post-swim nastiness rinsed off before coming in the house. But of course, she absolutely hates that too. So much for that idea!

So it looks like I am stuck wrestling her into a bath tub while she kicks and whines (literally). Sigh!


  1. I am so thankful my dog likes the hose; it really make summer so much easier. And Maizy doesn't even like kiddie pools? Dogs are weird lol.

    1. If the water is clean, she wants nothing to do with it! lol

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